Banners and Icons


Oscar Wylee

Oscar Wylee is both a physical and online eyewear store that offers high quality designer wear glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices. I worked on their banners and posters 2016.


Sprout Market

Sprout Market is an online organic shop that caters for healthy lifestyles.  I was asked to create icon sets and a few promotional EDMs.


Rococo Seoul

Rococo Seoul is a fashion store in Sydney CBD. I made layouts and web banners to meet their needs. Also, I was asked to create customised tags for their products. 



TappyToon is a global platform which legally sources Korean webtoons (online scroll-down style comics), translates it to English to service it for overseas readers.

As a person within the target user age group(teenagers to young adults), it was my job to know the trends, latest interests, and also to translate and localise the webtoons without losing any of its originality in the translation.

Also, for users who have slower internet connection compared to South Korea, one of the countries with the fastest internet speed, a simple Android app with simplest interface was developed.


For users without Android phones, a responsive website was developed. While the key colours of the app and web remain the same, in the web service, by considering its responsiveness, different functions were planned and integrated within the designs.