Digital Illustrations

Kiwi Adventure

Kiwi Adventure is an ongoing project. Since this is only rendered in GIF files, this project was not yet included in Animation section of my portfolio. This story is about a young hatchling kiwi searching for its mother. 

Angel City

Angel City is a short 6 chapter picture book project. Angel City is about a young pied currawong, Paul, getting kicked out of his nest and making life on the ground. His goal is to learn to fly to return to the great Angel City where only currawongs are accepted as citizens. The story aimed to capture Australian rural forest and Australian animals that live on the ground. 

Growth and Grown

Growth and grown is a digital photography and composition project that re-establishes the relationship between plant and print materials - paper. Through books and papers, the life once was in those papers are reborn, but with ink. Through light and angles, each picture is made to tell a story. 

low Poly Portrait

This was a small project of making a low polygonal portrait of myself. 

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