ZiftONE is an enterprise solution for online channel marketing. This is a soft launch version and is in still development stage as of 12/2018.

This is first stage of redeveloping a new platform that combines Zift Marcom and PRM Admin.



Zift Solutions had over 5 platforms - Zift Admin, Zift Marcom, Zift123, PRM Admin, PRM Partner Portal and Onsero.

All of these platforms were designed for enterprise channel marketing services where Zift Admin, Zift Marcom, Zift123 were on channel content management and build tools for suppliers and their partners, whereas PRM (Partner Relation Management) is a tool for suppliers to support partners online campaigns even further by providing training on products and services and as well as sales support materials. 

Due to having a large number of platforms management and convenience quickly became too difficult. Therefore, Zift Solutions decided to merge all of its platforms and provide a single platform that offers all of services - ZiftONE.

Marcom 1
Marcom 1

Marcom 2
Marcom 2


Marcom 1
Marcom 1



There were several problems when developing site map of this platform. Because we were merging multiple platforms together, priorities in functions and purposes the platform needed to fulfil became too complicated. 

UI and the way functions were organised in current platforms of Zift Marcom and PRM Admin were not very user friendly. Many flows were not logical and navigational items would be often misleading. 

Additionally, most of these platforms were built without any form of user research. 

Previous UI of Marcom and PRM Admin

Problem Solving Process

To set strong foundation for this new platform, I started by identifying target users and conducted series of user journey research. Using both accumulated screen time data and feedback from existing clients, I worked with Production team to come up with a more logical functions hierarchy. 

Using this hierarchy, site map was easier to work out. Then, after getting development schedule for soft launch (31/01/2019) of which functions will be rebuilt and which functions will be iframed for short term solutions, I had to quickly workout achieve-able UI design that can be applied to newly built pages as well as pages that are simply going to be iframed.

iframed pages could only have CSS changes applied and no HTML edits. So this was another limitation I was not expecting and had to find a way to cater for it.

Navigation Design

Until I got involved into this project, production model was using side navigation. At first, the request from production team was to use side navigation. However, because of the complexity of functions and expectations the platform had to meet, I advised that a mega-nav was more suitable than side navigation to show all possible options at once glance - for better UX. 

This was approved after I explained the benefits of mega-nav over side nav for this platform, and with design style decided, UI was easier to work out.


Production model with side navigation design.


Current Progress

For soft launch due for 31st of January 2019, I have created a few UI rules that can be applied globally. Then, produced UI designs for functions that will be newly built. These designs have been approved and are currently in production. Next step is to develop multiple dashboards so different users will have matching dashboards so the platform will be as useful as possible.