Partner Relations Management (PRM)

PRM is one of Zift Solutions' platform that allows their clients to manage their channel marketing partners. This platform is designed to allow vendors/suppliers to add training for products and services as well as sales support materials.



This was a redesign project of existing platform for 2018 Forrester review. Since the time frame was very short (4 weeks) to completely redesign a platform that has been neglected for over 3 years, I was only able to complete UI for 6 pages after spending 2 weeks purely on figuring out the UX of this platform.


Few problems I faced when working on this project were mostly on user flow. The structure of navigation was useable however, a lot of realestate of the site was filled with useless contents or images that did not add any value so often mislead users.

Reconfiguring and structuring of proper user flow for better user experience was a big challenge because timeframe given to this project was very short.

Login screen of previous PRM design :

A lot of space has been taken by language options

which only 10% of clients use.


Problem Solving Process

From user research and reports from existing user usage data, I listed out all functions from most used to least used. Including language options on the login page, there were too many functions everywhere that were used by less than 20% of the users. They were too prominent for such small roles they play.


After cleaning out unused functions and replacing the space with functions and features that were more sought after, UI came together really quickly. 


The Result

The Forrester recognised this version of platform as the 'Leader' of PRM and TCMA in 2018. Platform renewal was very successful for time given for this project was only 6 weeks for both redesign and rebuild. While this was a very tough challenge, it was a great learning experience for me.